AMOEBA Striker Co2 Magazine Set (Bolt, Magazine, BB Refill)

SKU: CPSB-Co2-Mag-Set
Sale price$156.00

  • Compatible with AMOEBA Striker Series *AS-SR-002 is essential if you are using the AS01 Version 1
  • Advance Co2 System, The Co2 Cartridges will be stored inside the magazine
  • Stainless Steel Co2 Bolt
  • Either You can purchase in the set, or the Co2 Magazine, BB Refill are available separately
  • Customizable nozzle that allows for various power levels; Green provides a weaker power, Red delivers a higher power.
  • Package Includes:

    1. New Stainless Steel Bolt for Co2 Magazine
    2. Co2 Magazine
    3. BB Refill

    *Please check your local policy & Regulation, Co2 Magazine may not be available in certain countries.

Material Stainless Steel, Nylon Fiber
Available Options: Only Striker Co2

Standard / Deluxe