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Standard Version


  1. Airsoft Rifle
  2. Solid Gun Case
  3. 130 rounds Magazine *2
  4. Instruction Manual

Deluxe Version


  1. Airsoft Rifle
  2. Scope 4x Optic for L85 A3 (SC-015)
  3. Red Dot Sight (SC-016) Please be caution that the red dot may not be obvious in some dark environment.
  4. CNC Metal Sight Mount for SC-016 (SM-013)
  5. Bipod Fore Grip (FG-004) Dark Earth              
  6. Solid Gun Case
  7. 130 rounds Magazine *2
  8. Instruction Manual


EFCS Gearbox Yes
Material Steel Stamping, Aluminum Alloy, Nylon Fiber
Gearbox Material Full Metal
Magazine 130 rounds (AR style)
Battery Type 11.1v LiPo , Recommended Size within 100mm x 15mm x 18mm
Weight 3500g / 4500g
Length 775mm
Barrel Thread +14mm


Style: Standard Version